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Teaching the good news of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and in-depth studying, exposing real-life issues at the core while giving you step-by-step tools to destroy the yoke of bondage and setting you free to become everything God had in mind when he created you!

                                                 Release your inner Ballerina 

How do I accept Jesus as my Savior?


Romans 10:9 Acknowledge and confess with your mouth that Jesus Lord ( acknowledging his power, authority, and majesty as GOD) and believe in your heart that GOD raised him from the dead YOU WILL BE SAVED Prayer: Jesus I invite you into my heart, I invite you to be lord over my life, I believe that you died on the cross and rose from the grave with all power in your hands. I believe you are the risen king seated in majesty. And that you died for a sinner like me.

why is this FREE?

This is a Labor of Love. My husband and I use our resources to Host this site, and provide this information to you. 2 Corinthians 2:12 perfectly describes my efforts. I have no interest in receiving donations, sponsorships, or commissions. I am not seeking any specific topics you want to discuss. Everything you see here has been gifted to me from the Lord, and it is all that I have to share with you. If you happen to find what you're looking for here, I consider it a blessing. However, if you don't, I sincerely hope that you find it elsewhere. If you happen to come across a "coming soon" sign or something similar, please feel free to return later as I am still in the process of putting that item together. if you are looking to grow through virtual group challenges there are options here. Copy and paste the link below , and follow the instructions as the group is not open to everyone.

The short stories below are derived from personal experiences. These stories were created to give you a practical application to everyday life challenges. Spoiler alert!!! JESUS is the answer—journey with me as I share stories that help to strengthen your relationship with Christ.

Free Bible study tools 

Free growth tools FASTING

This is how I study scripture and I pray that these help you to grow your relationship with God and his word as well.

A sound mind and the Body to 

follow suit FAST. (protocol)

Saul Rejected


David and Bathsheba 


David and Abigail


How to pray ?

how to pray! after all, prayer is the cornerstone in the life of every believer. if no one else will pray for you, you need to learn to pray for yourself!

Praying for Healing 

Praying for Deliverance


Below are the resources mentioned in the videos for a clearer understanding. To fully grasp the content, it's recommended to watch the video. The video may or may not be included in the document. This section is specifically for viewers who have been directed here from the video.

Real talk | Freemasonry | Fraternities

Real talk |The case against you is a legal one






Wifehood - Join our 7-day challenge to acquire the necessary tools for being a wife of great faith. Engage in growth-inducing challenges, and if you have a stubborn spouse, remember that God can transform any situation - are you ready to make a change? last day to join is June 28th The body to follow suit - Join me for a 25-day health and wellness challenge to achieve our weight loss and fitness goals. Let's prioritize our health to fulfill our purpose with a sound mind and a healthy body. We'll be reading a book together throughout the challenge. Make sure you have your copy before we start. (Book title will be in the welcome letter) Deadline to join is May 23rd The challenges are FREE! You may need materials for success, but no money is required and I'm not making any commission. I want you to be FREE INDEED John 8:36 Watch the video and make sure to follow the directions. If you've already registered for the skin I am in challenge, you'll be able to RSVP for upcoming challenges after you get your group welcome letter. I'll be in touch soon. Blessings, Tanzzy.

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