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1st payment - this will cover the first week of care for your child (date discussed during parent interview)


If you would like to make a biweekly payment please choose your selection twice = regular tuiton + regular tuition 

 if you would like to pay using after pay please make  your selction 

$20 will be added to your total 


Enrollemt Fee - 

$70 per child (nonrefundable and non-transferable)

− 1 Nap cot cover

− 1 hot/cold cup

− 1 logo shirt

– access to the classroom app


Extended Child Care 

: tuition covers 8hrs of childcare 5 days per week $20 will be charged for each hour of care outside of the allotted 8hrs due with tuition Example: drop off 6 am pick up-2 pm - regular tuition

Drop off 6 am pick up-4 pm - regular tuition +$60 (per week)

Fees discussed during parent interview)

Make Payment

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