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My children

Updated: Jan 2

12:30 am 12/27/2023

Look at what you have done to my children. Look how you have caused them to care less of right from wrong. Look at how you have raped and molested them robbing them of their purity, causing them a lifetime of pain. Look you mothers and fathers how you have allowed this because of your own selfishness. Look at how you have defiled their fragile bodies. look how you have caused my creation to cause me pain. 

Father forgive us! Father forgive me! Father forgive America! Father forgive the mothers who walked away from their duties to follow after their own lustful desires. Father forgive me for being that woman. Forgive the women who aborted the children for their convenience! Father forgive the women who sacrificed their children'swell-being for their own lustful gain! Father forgive us! Forgive this wretched sinful nation! Father forgive us for saying it's okay to choose and reassign genders that you hold precious, genders that you created as a beautiful expression of yourself in the earth forgive us for playing god! For thinking that our finite wisdom is anything in comparison to your all-knowing glory. Father forgive us for what we have done. Forgive us for leaving our children in the hands of schools and daycares that act as pimps and prostitute the children you see as precious. Forgive me Lord for being that person. Schools that treat their minds like nothing more than computers that need programming to fit the gross agenda of destruction to their precious lives. Forgive us for seeing dollar signs instead of a precious soul that should be protected and nurtured until its capable of choosing you for itself. Forgive us for removing prayer from schools to satisfy racists and those who were in clear rebellion against you. Father show us mercy! Father look upon us with mercy! We repent! We see that what we have done is wrong! We have led a nation into corruption! That corruption has gone into our hearts and made its home in our home! Father have mercy! Help us turn! Help us change! We repent! Father forgive us for making jokes and taking light the things that you say are sacred like sex between a man and woman. Forgive us for watching programming that programmed us to believe our bodies belonged to us and we could do whatever we wanted with them! We could mark them with tattoos and Pierce them with needles for adornment and idolatry! Father forgive us! Forgive us for programming our children to believe the same. forgive us for masturbating and defiling your temple! For invoking your wrath upon mankind, upon America! Father forgive us, show us mercy.

The end-time Army is being assembled, if you missed the message and subsequently missed formation you had best get on your face! Your face means complete humility! Tell the Lord you are so caught up in your agenda that you forget that he is Lord of all! I will tell you that one of the hardest things about formation is learning the signals be they verbal or otherwise so that you are in sync with everyone else. This keeps YOU safe! The end-time Army is being assembled while you argue on trivial matters like what eye cream works best for black people. The end time Army is being assembled while you degrade the sales rep at your favorite luxury store simply for being of a different skin color than you. The end time Army is being assembled while you sit in the same church you have sat in for 10 years learning nothing and growing in nothing aside from your bitterness towards God who has tolerated your lazy Christianity all this time. The end-time Army is being assembled as you giggle your way into the next day intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. While you lay on tables of ruthless doctors who see dollar signs as you come frolicking through the door, while you consult these physicians as if they are all-knowing! Without even parting your lips to the God who gave those lips to you! While these doctors prescribe you medications that send you into Hellish transes while you ignore the eternal destination of hell that awaits you who refuse repentance. The end-time Army is being assembled while you debate over politics and policies that care less about your very existence. The end time Army is being assembled while you lay on your stomach gazing at your backside, and how you wish for it to grow so you could blow up while your soul rots under the weight of your delusions. At the same time, you alter every piece of your body that will return to the dust as you depart this life and into eternity. You need to read your orders and get in formation. 

Father forgive us for being idolaters and worshipers of everything and everyone outside of you! Father forgive us! Have mercy on us! Wash us with your blood, cleanse us of these grave sins that have captured and captivated our nation. Let it start in our homes let it start with us


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