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Keep Your Oil Burning

Just another day…

 On this day we finally purchased the home we had been waiting for.

 in deep celebration, we began to do what lovers do

 only to realize the time had come to return to work. 

Quickly we both got up and went to our places of employment.

 This day was a special one for me because I would be starting a new job. 

I had been searching for the “perfect place” for quite some time so this was a big deal.

 I landed a job as a teacher with my husband, but to my surprise, the kids were nothing like I had imagined. Seems on this day they were planning to be pretty destructive. I saw a few students with weapons disguised as household products that I wanted to bring to the attention of upper management. I left my new classroom for what I thought was a bathroom break only to find what felt like tear gas permeating the bathroom. 

Each time I tried to re-enter the bathroom my nose would burn.

 As I walked out of the restroom my new boss assured me that I didnt need to worry and that I needed to hurry as I would miss my introduction. 

I was the new teacher and an introductory meeting was being held in the classroom down the hall. “ you know how long it took you to find a new job” 

she reminded me.

As I walked out of the restroom the final time somehow holding my daughter crowds of people were coming down the hall, all rushing outside. Once outside the ground turns into a pool and what seems to be a party erupts but as the party breaks out the sky begins to change.


I look up to the sky to see what appears to be heavy storm clouds. 

Some people said “Oh it’s nothing “

some were scared …

 there were many interpretations of what was going on.

Some continued to swim in the pool.

 But I had this “feeling” all day.

 from the time I woke from my bed and apologized to my husband for what I felt was the last time. Something about the day seemed different. I stood staring up into the sky drowning out the noise of everyone that was around me. the clouds began to descend into a smoky-like mist around me ( at this point I just felt the lord had returned so I was unaware of what was going on around me ).

 As the mist falls the sky opens up and appears as a portal. 

I gaze so fervently that I am taken up. 

Traveling at a speed I can't even explain

 I am shot up through the sky and I see sights that my senses can only register as the most beautiful… I am relaxing because I know I'm on the way to meet the bridegroom. 

In an instant, I'm being sucked down and I go through what appears to be an ocean ..

on my descent down I see octopi and very creepy creatures. 

I know that I am not in heaven or even on my way by the weight in the air. 

The only way I can describe it is despair and a sense of great sadness and mourning 

In a moments time I am  thrown into what appeared to be a waiting room. 

In this waiting room, there were several women. 

most of the women were dressed very scantily clad.

 they were flipping over and showing their backsides to one another, they were talking about BBLs, relationships, and their plans.

 I began to wonder what was I doing here.  

I felt a quicken in my spirit that made me shout “You know you are on the way to hell right ?”

 the ladies looked at me in horror. 

Then quickly I moved from the waiting room into the prep room.

 In this room there was a hairdresser and another lady sat on the chair. 

The hairdresser had a long and enviable wig on, and the ladies seemed to trust her because of the 30+ inches that she wore herself. 

the lady who sat in the chair began to describe the kind of style she wanted for where she was going… 

again I felt the push and went up to the lady and said

 “ you know you are on the way to hell right ?’

 the hairdresser knew she was getting the women ready for hell but because she already was a part of hell she didn't care to warn them…

 She was trying to make all of the money from 

the women that she could and letting them know where they were going would not help.

As soon as I warned the lady the door opened and we were ushered out of the building.

 once outside there were several cars that would take you to your final destination. 

Outside of the car stood the driver. The driver's job for those getting into the car headed for hell was to make sure they belonged there. The driver would burn the outside of the hands of the people with her cigarette. If the cigarette burned their hand they had to enter into the car, but if it didn't they couldn't go to hell they were children of God.

 It was my turn, I walked up to the car confident that I didn't belong there until about the third time the driver tried to burn me. 

I began to think if there was anything I could have done to warrant being in hell for the rest of eternity. As soon as I finished the thought the driver tried for the final time to burn my hand “Good girl “ in a sarcastic mean girl voice she said. 

You don't have to wear anything on your hands. I saw a circle with a mask that looked like a covid symbol and a red line through it. 

she said you can wear this if you would like but you will have access to all of your benefits without the burns. I walked over to my car and was given 2 instructions only work 6 days a week and don't marry another woman's husband and I was welcomed home. 

And then I woke up.

 Yes I said woke up this was all a dream. I woke up in tears as I recorded what I saw and felt. But life is not a dream and one day the groom will return for his bride will you be ready? Will you keep your oil burning or will you be so caught up with your own plans that you are rehearsing for the wrong audience?

Deeper thought 

These questions are not meant to misinterpret the dream but rather to get you thinking deeper. To allow you to see yourself in every effort to clean things up while you still have time.

  1. Where do you think the ladies in the waiting room thought they were? Why didn't they know they were waiting to be taken to Hell? 

Hell's waiting room could be your home, could be your church, it could be the place where you sit in bitterness refusing to forgive that person who hurt you. I urge you to repent and seek the Lord today because just as swiftly as they opened the door in the dream leaving us no time to prepare so can life leave us.

  1. Have you spent enough time in the presence of God that you could sense his return? Or will you depend on the warning of others?

Remember in the dream it was everyman for himself. I was holding my daughter and the next moment I wasn't. When I was raptured I was alone! Not even my enemies came to mind! Not even my husband whom I love was next to me.

Philippians 2:12

work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;


Matthew 24:37-39

            Matthew 7:22-24

The Prescence of God 

The more time you spend with God the more you understand even his whispers.

 The more you see his hand in mondaine activities you will notice his scent on something signifying a yes it's ok ( or it's safe ) or a no (that's the wrong way ).

 think about a person you know who wears a particular perfume or cologne. 

you know when they enter the room you know where they have sat in the room based on the scent. If you never spend time with the person how are you to recognize their scent?

The person of Holy Spirit has a scent I tell you today search for him while he can be found. 


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