Who is LLerina?  

I am Tanzzy the artist behind the brand.

When I think of a BaLLerina I think of the ultimate poise, strength, and confidence. When I think of LLerina I think of you! the women who desires to embody all of the above.

Each handcrafted item is made with your inner BaLLerina in mind. 

 What is Different about your waist beads?   

Are you a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Yes ! I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas, my office is in spring, Tx. I offer a variety of services in the office as well as mobile massage, and corporate chair massage events.

 massage therapist ( all therapists employed by LLerina are licensed and insured ) - spring tx massage - Tomball tx mobile massage - spring tx mobile massage - spring tx relaxation

Well...Nothing. LLerina is about you. I do not make any claims that my waist beads possess any spiritual or healing power. LLerinas waist beads are for adornment. If you are a mother learning to love your midsection after baby, or just learning to feel more confident in your skin. LLerina's waist beads are for you. As a mother of 3, I think I'm a great candidate to tell you that COMPLETE restoration of your confidence is possible! YEP, that's me! you will see me model products through the site with every hope to encourage you to love the skin you are in! with every flaw, and with all of its beauty!  

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